• ROMEX Workshop – April 17-19, 2024-and planning survey 10 August 2023
    Dear ROMEX working group, Please mark your calendars for the ROMEX Workshop on April 17-19, 2024, a hybrid meeting hosted at EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany. After our recent ROMEX experimental design meeting, we agreed a formal meeting to discuss results together in a forum would be beneficial. EUMETSAT graciously offered to provide meeting space, coffee, lunches and one ...
  • CGMS-51 Plenary IROWG presentation available online 28 June 2023
    The CGMS-51 plenary session was held on 26-28 June 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting was open to CGMS members, observers and on invitation only. Uli presented IROWG recommendations as part of the CGMS-WG II presentations. The presentation has been uploaded to the IROWG webpage (under documents).
  • ROMEX: Data Terms and Conditions, NASA-spire data, and some other updates 28 June 2023
    Dear ROMEX working group, I’m sending this email to update you since our last meeting in May. We will not have a June meeting since data is still being processed. However, this email will give you some information you have sought. The Terms and Conditions for using ROMEX data are finalized and are ready to be signed. If ...
  • The RO Modeling EXperiment (ROMEX) white paper available on the IROWG website 31 May 2023
    The ROMEX introduction and white paper are now available on the IROWG webpage under the Project tab-ROMEX.
  • Dates for IROWG-10 and potential inter-sessional meetings 25 May 2023
    Dear IROWG, We are pleased to announce that UCAR/COSMIC and JCSDA will host our next IROWG workshop (IROWG-10). The workshop will be held over the UCAR campus in Boulder, Colorado, US, September 12-18, 2024. Please note the dates are different from what we discussed from IROWG-9 due to some other related RO events happening at the end ...
  • IROWG-9 meeting minutes and CGMS-51 documents available online 21 April 2023
    The IROWG-9 meeting minutes and the CGMS-51 working paper and presentations have been uploaded to the IROWG webpage (under documents).
  • June 6, 2022: Abstract Deadline for IROWG-9 2 June 2022
    Please submit your abstract before June 6 at:  
  • Hui Shao will be the next IROWG co-chair 22 April 2022
    Dear IROWG community, We are very happy to report that Hui Shao (NOAA/Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation) will be our next IROWG co-chair. The official inauguration will take place at the OPAC-IROWG workshop in September. Thank you to all who participated in the voting process. And a very big THANK YOU to Sean Healy for his many years ...
  • Draft IROWG 7 minutes and summary – please give feedback 27 April 2020
    The DRAFT of the Full Minutes and Summary of the IROWG-7 Workshop is available on IROWG-7 . Thank you very much to all who contributed! Please provide comments by May 3 latest, since this document (in particular the first three pages) will be the basis for the IROWG report to CGMS. We have also uploaded some CGMS documents under like ...
  • CGMS47 working papers and presentations 23 May 2019
    They are available here: