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The IROWG intends to build upon the expertise of scientists who are currently involved in the use and analysis of radio occultation data. It is established to foster the:

  • Development of better measurements, and improvement of their utilization;
  • Improvement of scientific understanding;
  • Development of international partnerships.

The Terms of Referencse of the IROWG, including information on membership, working arrangement, can be found here.

A selection of overview talks, overview articles can be found here.

Information on the Mailing Lists provided by IROWG can be found here.


Hui Shao, Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) |  Ulrich (Uli) Foelsche, University of Graz
The co-chairs can be contacted through co-chairs@irowg.org

Thanks to Sean Healy (ECMWF), Axel von Engeln (EUMETSAT), and Dave Ector (NOAA, now with Spire), who have successfully acted as IROWG co-chairs for past years.


Anthony(Tony) Mannucci (JPL/NASA) has taken over the position of IROWG Rapporteur to CGMS from Mitch Goldberg (NOAA) in June 2012. Tony has been the NASA/JPL lead for RO development for many years and IROWG is grateful to see him serving us in this position. Mitch was our first Rapporteur and we want to also thank him for his support over the first 2 years and his guidance in the formation of IROWG.


M. Sleziak-Sallee, R. Metts at UCAR (http://www.cosmic.ucar.edu) are acknowledged for providing website hosting and design.
EUMETSAT is acknowledged for hosting the mailing list. In the earlier days this has been done by the Satellite Atmospheric Science Group at Kiruna Space Campus, Sweden (http://www.sat.ltu.se/), in particular by O. Lemke, S. Buehler.
C. Busch (Wennigsen, Germany) is acknowledged for the IROWG Logo design.

Image Credits

  • Earth Image: Provided by the SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE
  • Leo Satellite: Courtesy of Orbital Corporation
  • Profiles and Image composition: UCAR – COSMIC Program

The IROWG has been set up following a recommendation at the GRAS-SAF Workshop on applications of GPS radio occultation measurements, held at ECMWF in June2008. Support is also acknowledged from other CGMS Working Groups co-chairs.