ROMEX Events/Meetings

Date (specific dates will be assigned once it is determined) Tasks/Events
29 November 2022 (virtual) Kick-off meeting: introduction to ROMEX. Sign up sheet for ROMEX participants
19-20 December 2022 (virtual) Meeting. Set up subgroup discussions: Processing and Experiment Design
22-23 February 2023 (virtual) Meeting. Status update
January – May 2023 Data agreement and license document. Meetings with individual data providers
February – June 2023 Data collection and assemble
30 May 2023 ROMEX white paper published on the IROWG website
31 May 2023 (virtual) Meeting. Status update. Experimental Design
28 June 2023 Email update and announcement
July 2023 (TBD) Providing testing data (EUMETSAT)
August 2023 (TBD) Meeting. Initial data assessment 
October 2023 (TBD) Meeting. open table discussion
December 2023 (TBD) Meeting. Intermediate report
March 2024 (TBD) Mid-term meeting/workshop (TBD) (Q3)
May 2024 (TBD) Meeting. open table discussion
July 2024 (TBD) Meeting. open table discussion (prepare for report for IROWG-10)
12-18, September 2024, Boulder, CO, US IROWG-10, ROMEX-1 report