ROMEX: Data Terms and Conditions, NASA-spire data, and some other updates

Dear ROMEX working group,

I’m sending this email to update you since our last meeting in May. We will not have a June meeting since data is still being processed. However, this email will give you some information you have sought.

The Terms and Conditions for using ROMEX data are finalized and are ready to be signed. If you would like to use ROMEX data, please sign the document. This applies to data providers and processing centers and anybody else if you touch data beyond those from your organization.

The document (Terms and Conditions) is in the ROMEX Google folder (restricted to ROMEX participants only). Or you can use the document (pdf) on the IROWG webpage. We accept signatures by an organization or an individual. If an organization signs the letter, please indicate the POC (point of contact) for this organization. This POC will be responsible for receiving the password for the data FTP later. Also, this person will be contacted if there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions during ROMEXIf no POC is identified explicitly, we’ll contact the person who sent in the signature.

Please send the signed document to:

I’ll put a list of the signed organizations on the IROWG-ROMEX webpage later.
News about data:
A big THANK YOU to NASA and Spire! Now NASA-Spire data is available to us. So we are going to have extra data beyond what we already have. We will have about 35000-40000 profiles daily for the ROMEX testing period. Exact data counts will be available later.
What is going on now:
EUMETSAT is collecting data and processing them as necessary. Now EUMETSAT has received data from UCAR, NOAA, EUMETSAT, CMA, Yunyao, PlanetIQ, and GeoOptics and is working to receive data from Spire and Tianmu currently.
The steering committee just had a meeting (a couple of hours ago) with ROMSAF (Thanks to Kent and Santi) to finalize the data distribution procedure. You need to sign the Terms and Conditions, and, once ready, ROMSAF will give you a password to access some website/server. We are going to have some tests before finalizing the procedure.
The data link will be posted to the IROWG-ROMEX webpage later as well.
Last meeting minutes:
Please look at the last meeting minutes in our shared Google folder.  (Thanks to Rick for making the notes)
Next meeting:
We would like to have a meeting soon (probably in July) about data distribution and experiment design. Stay tuned!
I want to acknowledge everyone working hard to keep ROMEX moving forward. We are getting there!
On behalf of
ROMEX steering committee