Full Meeting Minutes / Summary of OPAC-5 & IROWG-3 are available

Dear Friends of RO,

the full meeting minutes / summary of OPAC-5 & IROWG-3 have now been finalised and are available at:


The recently provided IROWG documents on:

– Critical Impact of the potential Delay or Descoping of the COSMIC-2/FORMOSAT-7 Programme, IROWG/DOC/2013/0

– Status of the Global Observing System for Radio Occultation (Update 2013), IROWG/DOC/2013/02

are also available.

You might note that we updated the IROWG website, which is now hosted by EUMETSAT. This will give us easier update options, e.g. allowing members of IROWG to work on certain pages. Early next year we will also include further pages on ROTrends, the RO-CLIM SCOPE-CM project, and how RO data is assimilated in NWP models.

The new website offers several other new features, e.g. RSS. We will further explore that and also try e.g. the meeting calendar next year.

For those of you entering the festive season, enjoy and talk to you again next year. Kind regards,

        Dave Ector & Axel von Engeln
        Co-Chairs IROWG