Draft IROWG 7 minutes and summary – please give feedback

The DRAFT of the Full Minutes and Summary of the IROWG-7 Workshop
is available on IROWG-7 .

Thank you very much to all who contributed!

Please provide comments by May 3 latest, since this document (in particular
the first three pages) will be the basis for the IROWG report to CGMS.

We have also uploaded some CGMS documents under irowg.org/documents/
like the Vision for WIGOS in 2040 or a very recent CGMS Risk Assesment Review.
The RO-relevant part is here:
CGMS-48-WGIII risk assessment review – RO part   with some important
information highlighted in red.

You will notice that RO is a focus area, and that CGMS sees a
Continuity risk for the number and geographic distribution of radio occultations; especially in the low- to mid- latitudes”     and a
High risk of not meeting the commitment from low inclination orbits in the later part of the decade as there are no plans for a follow-on to COSMIC-2”   with
Inconsistent coverage from polar and high inclination orbits throughout the period

An HLPP (High Level Priority Plan) objective already exists to advance the atmospheric Radio Occultation constellation, with the long-term goal of providing 20000 occultations per day on a sustained basis

It seems that some of our recommendations have been heard …