Dates for IROWG-10 and potential inter-sessional meetings

We are pleased to announce that UCAR/COSMIC and JCSDA will host our next IROWG workshop (IROWG-10). The workshop will be held over the UCAR campus in Boulder, Colorado, US, September 12-18, 2024.
Please note the dates are different from what we discussed from IROWG-9 due to some other related RO events happening at the end of this calendar year. To accommodate the gap between these two IROWG workshops and the upcoming CGMS-52 meetings in Spring 2024, inter-sessional meetings (virtual, around February-March 2024) are being considered at this point. We will iterate this idea with the IROWG subgroup lead. If you have any comments and ideas, please feel free to talk to any subgroup lead or communicate directly with us.
Hui Shao (IROWG co-chair)
on behalf of
Uli Foelsche and Tony Mannucci (IROWG co-chair and Rapporteur)
Jan Weiss and Ben Ruston (IROWG-10 organizing committee)