Nomination Request for IROWG Co-Chairs



As most of you know, Axel Von Engeln resigned as IROWG Co-Chair during IROWG-4 in Melbourne in April.  Axel served IROWG and did much of the heavy lifting for us for many years.  His support in establishing and determining the direction of this group was appreciated by all of us, and helped put us on the map with CGMS and WMO as well as RO scientists worldwide, and we will miss his leadership.  The news I have is that I have also decided to resign.  The result is, we need to identify 2 new co-chairs for IROWG.  After conferring with chairs from the other CGMS groups and discussing this with management who appointed me to this position, we have decided to follow the method that International TOVS Working Group (ITOVS) has been using for many years – democratic process via email.  The requirements for this position are:


  1.  Reasonable knowledge and experience in the field of GNSS Radio Occultation
  2.  Time and funding to devote to performing duties as a IROWG co-chair – including some minimal travel
  3.  Willing to serve for up to 5 years
  4.  Backing of a member country/agency for some minimal support for the IROWG Working Group Meetings (desired)


Tony Mannucci and I are going to request that if you would like to be considered for IROWG co-chair, that you send your request to be nominated to Tony (email: anthony.j.mannucci at by August 31, 2015.  The list of self nominees will then be vetted to assure nominees meet above requirements.  Pending a sufficient number of nominees, we plan to request that IROWG members vote for the 2 nominees of their choice via email.


Best Regards


Dave Ector, Chair, IROWG with

Tony Mannucci, Rapporteur