1st Announcement * December 10, 2015 * 1st Announcement


We are pleased to announce:

OPAC-IROWG 2016 International Workshop on Occultations for Probing Atmosphere and Climate
Joint OPAC-6 & IROWG-5 Workshop
September 8-14, 2016, Seggau Castle,
Leibnitz near Graz, Austria


An attractive forum for everybody interested in atmospheric remote sensing by occultation methods and/or the use of occultation data in atmospheric physics, chemistry, meteorology, and climate.

The Joint OPAC-6 & IROWG-5 Workshop
will follow the objectives and the successful format of the OPAC series (see previous one at http://wegcwww.uni-graz.at/opacirowg2013).

The integrated 5th Workshop of the International Radio Occultation Working Group
(IROWG) will include working meetings. The permanent Working Group of the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) focuses on the exchange of experiences in the exploitation of RO data for operational and research use.

Topical areas include:
+ Occultation methodology (generic aspects, math-phys basis, iono.
+ influences) Use of occultation data in atmospheric physics,
+ meteorology, and NWP Use of occultation data in climate monitoring and
+ research Specific occultation methods and related techniques (LEO,
+ stellar, solar/lunar, reflectometry) Occultations in ionosphere and
+ planetary science Future occultation missions

With growing impact and applications of radio occultation data and many exciting recent results from our community in different fields such as meteorology and climate science, it is just the right time to gather again.

You are cordially invited to join OPAC-IROWG 2016, the Joint OPAC-6 & IROWG-5 Workshop in Seggau Castle, Leibnitz near Graz, Austria, in September 2016.

U. Foelsche, A.K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast, (WEGC & IGAM UniGraz, AT), OPAC Chairs

S. Healy (ECMWF, Reading, UK), IROWG Co-Chair

A.J. Mannucci (JPL, Pasadena, USA), IROWG-CGMS Rapporteur

B. Kuo (UCAR, Boulder, USA), Co-Chair N. Yen (NSPO, Taipei, TW), Co-Chair

J. Wickert (GFZ Potsdam, DE), Co-Chair

A. von Engeln (EUMETSAT, DE), Co-Chair

The *2nd Announcement and Call for Papers* will follow by March 18, 2016, together with opening of our website http://wegcwww.uni-graz.at/opacirowg2016/.


– Ulrich Foelsche

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– and
– Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change (WEGC)
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